Call for Papers

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Call for Papers


One of the most central research topic in the field of multi-agent systems (MAS) is the understanding of how micro dynamics/interactions between agents lead to some specific macroscopic properties that are often called emergences. These structures are often described with a sociological terminology: “organization”, “social network”, “coalition”, “group”, “power”, “solidarity”, “norm”, “contract”, “institution”. The use of such terminology and related concepts participates to quite different scientific projects: to design distributed and/or hybrid systems, or to formulate and solve problems in a fancy way; to understand concrete social facts, or to answer concrete social issues via modelling and simulation. In the same way and for identical purposes agent mechanisms borrow human attributes and capabilities as described in psycho-sociology and more broadly in cognitive sciences, such that agent can “reason”, “adapt”, “learn”, “argue”, “imitate”; be “rational”, “emotive”, or “routinised”.

Social network analysis (SNA) has emerged as a key technique and therefore the concept of social network is strongly anchored in modern sociology, anthropology, social psychology, communication studies, information science, organizational studies and economics. As in MAS, the research area is also interesting in social structures, their dynamics, their analysis, modelling and simulation. Dealing either with the use of the social network concept to design architecture of MAS, or either proposing conceptual models that integrate social networks for different purposes (to model the emergence of norms for instance), or either to try and propose agent-based simulation that enables to understand phenomena that occur on networks, like the emergence of communities, the diffusion of innovation, and so one and so forth, the concept of social networks and the related tools are widely spreading in the society and it is therefore the case for the scientific community in general and computer sciences in particular.

The aim of the SNAMAS Symposium is to exchange ideas, tools, methodology, on various works in MAS that integrate the social network component. Authors are invited to submit an original, previously unpublished, research paper pertaining to any of these topics.



The 2011 release of SNAMAS will be focused on "social relations and their underlying processes in social organizations". A special attention will be paid to empirical studies. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) works exhibiting:

  • empirical and/or theoretical researches on a specific social relation
    (relation of power, solidarity, legitimity, trust...)

  • the role of specific social relations in structuring organizations

  • the role of agents attributs in structuring social relations
    (values, emotions, cognitive abilities, ...)

  • the role of social relation structure on agent behaviour

  • agent mechanisms and algorithms dealing with social relations representations

  • social relations regulation

  • comparative and ontological studies from SNA and MAS

  • mathematical representations to describe and analyse social relation structures and their dynamics

Post proceedings


Selected papers, under a second review process, will be considered for a special issue of the
Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory Journal (CMOT) Springer.