Accepted Papers

Last updated: Mon, 21 May 2012 - 14:27:02

Cristiano Castelfranchi
The Logic of Power. How my Power Becomes his Power

Julia Schaumeier, Jeremy Pitt, Moez Draief and Pallapa Venkataram
Adaptive Security Scheme for Open Networks

Enrico Franchi, Federico Bergenti and Agostino Poggi
Selected Models for Agent-based Simulation of Social Networks*

Francesca Giardini, Walter Quattrociocchi and Rosaria Conte
Rooting opinions in the minds: a cognitive and computational model of opinions and their dynamics

Mauricio Salgado and Elio Marchione
Bridging the Gap: Multilevel and Agent-Based Modelling in the Analysis of Differential School Effectiveness

Sascha Holzhauer , Friedrich Krebs and Andreas Ernst
Considering baseline homophily when generating spatial social networks

Zach Lewkovicz , Samuel Thiriot and Philippe Caillou
How detailed should social networks be for labor market 's models?

Paul Chapron, Christophe Sibertin-Blanc
Analysis of the power network among the actors of a social organization